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Game Wants A Truce With 50 Cent

Posted By on June 23, 2010

     Former G-Unit member, Game recently spoke about his relationship with 50 Cent, their past beef, adding he would be willing to fix issues with his former boss. Game says a possible truce would be possible in the future between him, 5th and G-Unit. "I think that in life anything can be mended. Right now, I haven't talked to 50. I don't talk to him but um, I'm not saying that that can't happen in the future or that it will or won't. But I think he's fine doing him and I'm fine doing me. And if the stars ever aligned and if that day comes where we can have a conversation and then chop it up and we can come to some type of happy medium, you know, I'm wit' it. But as of now, I guess he's doing him and I'm doing me."

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