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The Game Declares The “Death Of Jay-Z”

Posted By on July 10, 2009

    The Game continues to diss Jay-Z, this time dropping some rhymes over Jay-Z's "D.O.A." track. Declaring the "Death Of Jay-Z," Game asked the audience "I know y'all been hearing about the controversy between with me and Jay-Z, right." [watch here] "So I'ma start it off like this, f*ck Jay-Z! That's how Pac felt. That's how Nas felt at one time and that's how I feel…This ain't about B/This ain't about Destiny…You got a bad b*tch, word, ain't no p*ssy like hers/Just ask the Mavericks, Cowboys and the Spurs/I mean, my b*tch don't sling p*ssy like that/My b*tch sling p*ssy on a n*gga from the back, back, back/Black Wall Street, that's the game I bang/And I'm in Mahdrid, Spain…It go one, two, I'm back for more/Guess who's coming through the motherf*cking door/Spittin' more sh*t than a Crip/N*ggas know Game back on his sh*t." [watch here]

    In related news, in reaction to the all the hate and anger he has been getting from fans, The Game changed his name on Twitter to "ihategame." "C'MON PEOPLE… LET'S MAKE HATIN GAME A TRENDING TOPIC !!! ANOTHER REASON I HATE MYSELF IS BECAUSE I'M A GREAT DAD & TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS," Game wrote via Twitter. "#ihategame BECAUSE HE KILLED G-UNIT CLOTHING & HE MADE 50 START WEARIN ROCAWEAR AGAIN…….#ihategame RT…… & LET ME KNOW WHY YOU HATE ME ! ihategame because he carryin on Tupac's legacy !!! #ihategame because his 300 bars was CLASSIC !!! #ihategame because he still calls Diddy for advice & gets free Ciroq & Sean John 4 life !!! #ihategame because he holds Lil Weezy down when he comes to Cali ! #ihategame because he hates Jay-Z but his gyrl loves Beyonce' !!!" [watch here]

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