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Game Replies To Jay-Z Calling Him A Groupie

Posted By on July 24, 2009

    The Game has no responded to Jay-Z calling him a "groupie" after Game has been dissing him for weeks. [listen here] "This dude is real slick, real witty and I never hated on his legacy or his old music but this new, everything he putting out to date is just trash. We don't want no parts to it and I feel like a lot of people have been wanting to voice their opinions but nobody has because as soon as I came out with the whole Jay-Z thing, everybody jumped on." [listen here]

    Previously Jay-Z spoke on Game dissing him saying "We're all flawed human beings. All a person can do is
apologize. Everyone should be allowed to make mistakes, it happens." Jigga went on to say "I like the game, the game is
changing all the time, I've been dominating the game. Now tell me
exactly what I said, tell me exactly what I said. I said, 'I'm not
talking about…' is that a diss? I'm not talking about you. 'Oh you
hurt my feelings…' Tell groupie to get over it. If that's a diss,
wear that. Tell groupie to get over it." [watch here]

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