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The Game Wedding Still On, Game Gets First Leather Exterior Car

Posted By on August 7, 2012

If weddings wernt enough drama, The Game and his fiance Tiffney Cambridge sure have been having a drama filled month. As many times as they say they are getting married you hear that the wedding is off in the next sentence. Well…the wedding is still ON. However with the reschuduling conflicts (hope the rescheduling wasnt because of getting VH1 camera crews and a better marketing plan for the reality show they are making out of this wedding) the wedding is still going forward. But with new massive costs (that im sure VH1 will pick up) that resulted in over $100,000 extra.

The Game is psyched his wedding is back on … but his wallet, not so much … the rapper tells TMZ rescheduling his cancelled nuptials set him back a cool $100k!!!!! We caught up with Game and his fiancé Tiffney Cambridge outside Hennessey's Tavern in Hermosa Beach this weekend … if you recall Cambridge pulled the plug? on the couple's wedding back in July, but then changed her mind. In the video … Game — still sporting a broken thumb? — says they DID reschedule the ceremony, but it wasn't all smooth sailing. Game says all the venue changes cost a whopping $100k … but you gotta check out his reaction to the setback … 'cause it's PRICELESS. (TMZ)

In other Game news he is the first person I have seen to get this new car customization. FULL LEATHER EXTERIOR WRAP. Game has wrapped a Ferrari F430 in all leather. It set him back only $200,000 and after looking at the wedding prices that aint to bad. Now I dont know how the California sun or rain might effect the longevity of the whip but for time being it has to be the dopest exterior yet. Fuck a gucci wrap, fuck chameleon color changing paint, fuck candy paint …no wait dont fuck candy paint. But whatever Leather exterior is the bomb and wish that Chevy would of offered a leather exterior for my Chevy Cobalt.

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