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Game Tells Sydney To Shoot At 50 Cent

Posted By on August 10, 2009

      Is it us or wasn't it just like a few weeks ago when The Game apologized to 50 Cent & G-Unit? Now during a recent concert in Australia he not only dissed his ex-group of G-Unit and name checked every member including 50 Cent, but instructed the crowd to make guns to aim at 50 if he ever comes back. [Game Tells Crowd To Aim Guns At 50 Cent – Watch Here]

     Game shouted "G-Unot" to the Sydney crowd before saying "Anybody know how to make a motherf*cking gun? Put the motherf*ckers up. The whole building and cock it back. Hold up, cock it back. And if 50 ever come to Sydney, cock it back. Aim that motherf*cker and pop, pop-pop. If you see Lloyd Banks, cock it back and just bust one shot at him 'cause he gon' run like a b*tch. If you see Yayo, put your guns back up, cock it back. Walk all the way up on the n*gga, look him right in his face and just drop the gun 'cause he ain't even worth it. G-G-G-G-Unot!" [Game Tells Crowd To Aim Guns At 50 Cent – Watch Here]

The Game Disses G-Unit Overseas

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