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Lil B Responds To Game’s ‘Wackest’ Label

Posted By on August 21, 2011

     After Game basically declared him the "Wackest Rapper Of All Time," Lil B officially responded in the video below…Check it out!

     Previously, The Game sat down to name the five rappers he feels are the wackest in the game. Check out Game naming the top five worst rappers in his opinion including Lil B.

"Number one, wackest rapper of all-time," Game said in an interview.
"This is crazy, man. The wackest rapper. Lil B. Lil B. Yeah, he gotta
get it because I heard him on [Lil] Wayne's, I heard him on [Wayne's] Sorry 4 The Wait and that was it. I couldn't — that was it. I never
really heard anything else that I can even remember to call it wack but I
remember I heard that and that's what it was. So, like, Lil B." (Vlad

Lil B – Responds To The Game Calling Him Wack



The Game – Names His Top Five Wackest Rappers


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