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Game Talks Making His Own ‘Watch The Throne’

Posted By on August 23, 2011

     West Coast's own The Game recently spoke about Jay-Z and Kanye's new collaboration album and who he might consider teaming up with to do a similar project.

"If I had to link up with someone on the West Coast, first and foremost it would be Snoop – Snoop is my dude, that would be crazy, that would be a crazy collaborative effort right there," Game said in an interview. "[Does the West need a Watch the Throne-esque album?] I don't think the West Coast needs anything, I think we've been perfectly fine doing what we been doing forever, the West don't need nothing we straight, we get everything we need — we got the DUB! We the only Coast that can throw up the DUB so let's ride with that." (Dubcnn)

Game – Talks Making His Own "Watch The Throne"

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