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Game Says He Woulid “Slay” Jay-Z; Talks Dre

Posted By on August 26, 2011

     Game isn't showing any sign of slowing down when it comes to is on-going negative view of Jay-Z. Recently he was interviewed and was asked if Jay-Z did respond to one of his diss tracks, what does he think would happen…

"I would slay him. I just think that at this stage in his career, his lyrics would have to be sanctioned. There’s only so far he can go with where he’s at now. Me, I can go to hell and back with my lyrics, so I don’t think it’s wise for him to respond, but I respect Jay lyrically. I always have and I always will. It’s just that the facts weigh in, I got a reckless tongue and it’s not to be f***ed with." (Ballerstatus)

     Game went on to speak about fixing the issues he had with Dr Dre, as the Doc is featured a lot on the new "R.E.D." album. When asked what it took to mend his relationship with Dre, Game says there really wasn't any real problem between them.

"Me and Dre never had a problem and our relationship has never changed. He just stepped when we were doing the whole beef thing, as he should have. I didn't understand it at the time, because I was little bit younger, but in retrospect as I grew wiser in the game, I began to understand his position. He had already had a lot of beef in his career and he didn't want to have any part of our melee, so he stepped to the side. When it was time to have a conversation about it, we did. When it was time to get back in the studio, we did as well." (Ballerstatus)


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