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Cool & Dre Talk Working With The Game

Posted By on September 23, 2009

    When it comes to working with The Game, not many producers are more experienced than the duo Cool & Dre. The hit producing team recently talked about working with Game on his upcoming "R.E.D." album saying they have recorded almost ten songs already with the California emcee. "Since we have that chemistry, I think a lot of producers could just crack 'I can't do nothin' right now! Like, listen to these beats!' and we'll knock out like three, four in one night, one session," Cool explained. [Cool & Dre – Talk Chemistry With The Game – Watch Here]

    "The first day we went to L.A., we had already done a bunch of sh*t for him, and we're just playing 'em [and he's like] 'All right, I'm ready to go in the booth.' Boom, we knocked out like seven different ideas so me and Dre are like 'F*ck, we done let all of our arsenal off in this first night!' [laughs] Next day, [Game says] 'What else you got? Let's get it going!' We let off all our arsenal, he recorded to seven, eight records on the first night. Laid a verse, a hook here, two verses here, a whole song. I'm like, 'Yo Dre, he's recording to everything we did on the way up. D*mn, now we gotta start up some new sh*t with him.' Certain artists we just have that great chemistry with, man and Game is definitely one of 'em." [Cool & Dre Talk Working With Game – Watch Here]

Cool & Dre – Talk About Working With The Game

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