The Game Is Officially YMCMB

The Game Is Officially YMCMB

The Game has always been known for making news and pursuing business opportunities whenever they arise. For a few years now, the rapper has hinted towards moving his talents to YMCMB once his current record deal is over.  The time has come.

Birdman took to his Twitter to make the announcement official:


The following day (Sunday morning) Birdman took to Instagram  to further the validity of the deal:

“S/O thagame shit to real whtup 5 west coast whts popin RICHGANG  YMCMBusine$$.”




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  • Grafho

    Such a shame, he was a good west coast rapper.

  • Tam Dawg

    he left aftermath/g-unit to go YMCMB? Yep game you have officially fallen off dude

  • Cash Cashandthefurious

    ok sop im a BIG Game fan..ONLY THING IS when he does songs with some other rappers he tries to sound like them..I can already see where this shit is going…REST IN PEACE no more GAME

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