Game Gets Reaction To Anti-Gay Twitter Jokes

Game Gets Reaction To Anti-Gay Twitter Jokes

      West Coast rapper The Game recently got backlash from poasting anti-gay jokes on his twitter account yesterday. Game says although he didn't mean to intentionally ridicule homosexuality, he didn't seem to immediately apologize.

"Aye ! I gotta question: What kinda man let another man put his d!ck in his booty…. I'm just askin n!gga that sh!it krazy tho. #buttpirates," Game tweeted Wednesday (October 27) night.
"Aint no attack on gay people, I'm just askin on the real that sh!t krazy dog. Gay women, kool ! Ellen, kool ! D!ck in the booty, not kool."
"& its a FREE WORLD, be GAY & be proud if thats ya choice…. But in the dook shoot doe ?????"
"Do what ya like (Digital Underground)."
"@garrisonb look man, go pick ya boyfriend up from work… do the cheerio & RELAX. Wasn't GAY bashin. just asked a question ha ha ha" (Game's Twitter)


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