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Game Responds To Lloyd Banks & G-Unit Talk

Posted By on November 15, 2010

     The Game recently reacted to Lloyd Banks' assumptions of why he wants to get back in G-Unit and bury their beef. Despite Banks saying Game is only doing it to help himself, Game says his ego and selfishness have nothing to do with it.

"I saw what he said & it is what it is.. but I kno da REAL @lloydbanks , a kool n!gga.. who loyalty is wit 50 so I respect it. @50cent was a kool n*gga 2 but sh!t changes sometimes, I was put in a position & I chose 2 ride wit what I BELIEVED IN, don't REGRET SH*T !! TRUST and BELIEVE that @50cent @tonyyayo & @lloydbanks felt my WRATH when it was ON !!! If they say any different it aint REAL !!! But that sh!t was 2005 & now we comin up on 2011……. I'm GROWN, EGO out the doe & I'm 100% gone keep it REAL with YALL & MYSELF !!!" (Rap Radar)

     Game also went on to talk about what would happen if the reunion did not take place.

"G-unit reunion might not EVER HAPPEN but NOBODY will EVER be able 2 say "GAME" didnt MAN UP when he had 2 & GO HARD when it was MY TIME !!! I KILLED A BRAND, A CLOTHING LINE & WENT AGAINST MY OWN RECORD LABEL & STILL WENT 5 TIMES PLATINUM !!! More FAMILY orientated now…. Got a woman, 3 beautiful kids… couple houses.. drove EVERY car & been around the world 5 times…"NOT BAD FOR A COMPTON N*GGA" & #ONMYMAMA G-UNIT will NEVER be the same unless its: @50cent @thegame @tonyyayo @youngbuckmarley & @lloydbanks ! #evenCurtisKNOWdat. & you can "RUN & TELL THAT, HOMEBOY & we'll see who's WHO & what's WHAT after the R.E.D. album drop." (Rap Radar)


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