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Game Talks Dr Dre, Pharrell & Being R.E.D.

Posted By on November 27, 2009

    Game recently took time in the studio to talk about his upcoming "The R.E.D." album. The west-coast rapper didn't waste anytime before bringing up Dr Dre "Im back working with Dre, helping him with Detox, he’s helping me with The RED album. It’s just a good vibe, a good feel." Game then talked about relinking with the hit producer "Dre called me, he had Brandon from Aftermath call me and was like, “Yo Dre want you in the studio.” And I always told Dre, “Whenever you need me holla and I’ll be there 30 minutes or less like Dominoes pizza.” Brandon told me Dre wanted me to come down and help him write some songs for Detox. I shot down there and we started gettin’ it in. When I got there Snoop was there we chilled, we smoked a couple of blunts" [Game Talks About Reconnecting With Dr Dre – Watch Here]

    Game then talked about working with Pharrell. "Pharrell is my new favorite producer. I got a whole new respect for Pharrell and the Neptunes but especially Pharrell and how he do his thing. The way he coach me when I’m in the booth, it’s like a Pat Riley to a Tim Hardaway or to a Magic Johnson. The way he let me run point guard when I’m in that booth, it’s crazy." [Game Talks About Working With Pharrell – Watch Here]

Game – Talks About His New Album In the Studio

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