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Game Explains Suge Diss “I Was Drunk”

Posted By on December 1, 2009

    As we reported yesterday, Game spit a freestyle over the weekend in which he not only dissed Suge Knight but he took credit for Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Jim Jones becoming Bloods. Now the west-coast rapper is explaining exactly what happened, saying he was simply really intoxicated during his performance. "Just seen myself freestylin on worldstar.. I was drunk as F@#% !!!" he wrote on his twitter last night (November 30th). Game went on to say he did not diss the other rappers and he's even talked to them about it. "i aint diss weezy or jones or gucci. media be tryna twist sh!t ha ha ha..I AM "ONEBLOOD". I got the world sooo woooo'n & got college kids in Wisconsin wearin red rags (@ they own risk). I painted this town R.E.D. Tell em how you feel son. Tell em how you feel !!! "MAD RAPPER" I talked to baby & Weezy today & reached out to JonesGucci locked up but n!ggaz know what is it wit me…. SOO to the WOO. R.E.D." [Game Disses Suge Knight & Takes Credit For Lil Wayne – Watch Here]

    As we reported, Game dissed Suge Knight saying "It's 2010 and I said f*ck Suge!," before he took
credit for influencing Lil Wayne, Jim Jones and Gucci Mane to become
Bloods. "Weezy, I made that n*gga a Blood, Jim Jones, I made that n*gga a Blood, Gucci [Mane], I made that n*gga a Blood, so when they throw it up, eveybody say what's up…Everybody in this b*tch know what Game 'bout/Suge took the same route…Let's vote, 2010, n*gga f*ck Death Row!" [Game Takes Credit For Lil Wayne, Jim Jones & Gucci Mane Becoming Blood – Watch Here]

Game Disses Suge Knight, Takes Credit For Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane & Jim Jones

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