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Game Talks New Collab With Justin Timberlake

Posted By on December 14, 2009

    Game previously hinted at a possible collaboration with Justin Timberlake, now the Black Wall Street leader is opening up about the mash up. "Yeah, Justin Timberlake came through last night," Game revealed in an interview. "It just, the vibe changed. It went to where I could see Grammy awards. I had a really dope energy from him just being in the booth last night. Pharrell didn't call him, I don't know how he fell through but he fell through man. Two JT's in the studio at the same time and the PW, it's gonna be classic. Justin Timberlake is big sh*t man. Everybody listens to Justin Timberlake — from little white girls from Malibu to chicks in the hood. The songs he comes out with to the features on Timbaland's album, and working with Pharrell in the past and all the way back to my little sister loving her N Sync CDs." [Game – Talks About Collaboration With Justin Timberlake – Watch Here]

    As we previously mentioned, Game talked about Justin Timberlake stopping by the studio when he was working with Pharrell. "just gettin home from studio. was n wit Pharrell listenin 2 new beats & out of nowhere "Justin Timberlake" walks in, 2 b continued… R.E.D.," he wrote on his twitter Tuesday (December 8). "Had the kraziest session last night n the studio. I made a #1 hit so I'm sendin my ENERGY 2 all the aspiring producers & new artists. R.E.D." [Game – Talks About New Collaboration With Justin Timberlake – Watch Here]

Game – Talks About Collaboration With Justin Timberlake


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