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Game Says 50 Would Sell G-Unit Tampons

Posted By on December 16, 2009

    Former G-Unit member Game recently talked about his "rival" 50 Cent saying he supported the G-Unit general's latest "Before I Self Destruct" album, buying nearly 20 copies himself. "D*mn, I should have bought three more," Game said about Fif's album.
"I tried to get him over that 160 mark, man. We bought 17 albums man,
real talk. I just wanted to help him out man. I tried to get him into,
I don't know, [if] my 17 was gonna get him to a million, I didn't know
what I was doing. But eh, I support it, I support hip-hop, man." [Game Says He Bought 17 Copies Of 50's Album – Watch Here]

    Game continued saying that 50's recent low sales indicate his buzz is going down. "It's sad and tragic that he didn't do what he thought he would do. But he's 50, man, he'll find out a way to sell somebody some G-Unit Maxipads, or G-Unit tampons or G-Unit douches, he's a business man…I think if Dre would have came out on the same day, he would have did a million or something or he would have did his mark. I just think people aren't buying or are buying what has a buzz and what's hot. I think it's a thin line and I fall somewhere in the middle and that's what keeps me afloat and my longetivity is sustained." [Game Says 50 Would Sell G-Unit Tampons – Watch Here]

Game – Says 50 Cent Will Sell G-Unit Tampons, Drake Will Do A Milli

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