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Game Fights CTE Member 211 at Lil Waynes Birthday

Posted By on September 30, 2012

At Lil Wayne’s 30th (30th? he has been 30 for like past 5 years then) birthday party in Hollywood on Thursday shit got real for CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment aka Jeezy Label) member 211 and The Game. News sources reported that after the fight Game was kicked out but Game begs to differ as he whooped that fools ass then left to do something better.

Apparently Game was chilling at the part when 211 approached him and started talking stupid. If anybody knows The Game they should know that this fool loves to fight and if you give him an invitation you will get a 6’4 beatdown. TMZ obtained a video that shows the aftermath of the fight, moments after the fists were done flying.

The rapper did however share bits and pieces of the incident via social media. When asked how many punches it took to knock out 211, he tweeted earlier on Saturday, “honestly 3. 1st one floored em’ he was down 30 secs then caught 2 more.” He then shared, “Man, I’m bout to 40 glocc these Frosted Flakes… 211 these Eggo waffles & Rass Kass these grapes !!! N—-” and “I was standing over you while you was faced down & coulda “Compton Stomped” you….. But I aint shady so I let you up & 2 pieced you again.”

211 denied the beat down. “That n—- a mark! On PIRU He ain’t knock nobody out!” he tweeted, though he did not reply Game directly. (MTV)

Video Footage from After the Game vs 211 Fight


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