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Game Likes 50 Cent’s Idea, Creates New Website & Looks Towards More Acting

Posted By on May 5, 2008

    The Game becomes the latest rapper to talk retirement. Game admitted 50 Cent did one thing right, creating ThisIs50.com so Game launched his new site ThisIzGame.com "I wanted to create a website and I wanted to use that name because I thought what 50 did was pretty creative," Game said. "I think that Garth Brooks should have ThisIsGarthBrooks and maybe Oprah should have ThisIsOprah because we are who we are. If you're looking at me, this is Game so [put] dot com behind it and you got a hit."

    Game is also concentrating on expanding his Black Wall Street label, and making sure he "dive(s) head first into scripts." He was recently in the movie Street Kings, which starred Forrest Whittaker and Keanu Reeves. "Everybody was real professional and respected me and I was always punctual, on time, respected everybody and didn't bring my rapping ego over to the film side," said Game. "I did my thing and they appreciated me and I appreciated them. And Street Kings movie was pretty dope"

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