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Game's Album Delayed

Posted By on May 3, 2006

“The worlds #1 most anticipated album of 2006 “the Doctors Advocate” which was originally scheduled to be released on 06/06/06 has been pushed back to late summer of 2006. The Game as well as Dr. Dre & their respective label Interscope Records sat down and decided it was best to move the date in order to accomodate Busta Rhyme’s upcoming album “The Big Bang” which is slated to drop on June 6th. The Game also added that his good friend, Ice Cube was scheduled for 06/06/06 so he also decided it was right to make the move as well in order not to interrupt either of those sales. The Game also added for more on how big of an impact “The Doctor’s Advocate” will have on hip hop (refer to the classic “Documentary” album) which has sold 5 million records worldwide doing an astonishing 600,000 copies in its 1st weeks sales. The game told allhiphop.com that if “The Doctor’s Advocate” doesn’t do a million records the 1st week he will retire from hip hop for a president position at his home label Interscope Records. ( I hope that’s not a subliminal to President Carter) ??? Just kidding readers, no more beef!!! The game also told a source, after my next album drops the world will have to respect my albums, my legacy & re-recognize the West Coast as a hip hop power! I am one of the best M.C.’s this game has seen in a long time, when my The Doctor’s advocate drops I will be #1″

– The Black Wall Street Official Site

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