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Ja Rule CD Pushed Back, Rapper Teams Up With Game

Posted By on August 24, 2007

Album pushed back, Ja is now teaming up with the 2nd most hated rapper in the GAME.

Not quite ready to toss his hat back in the game just yet, Ja Rule's comeback disc The Mirror has been pushed back from its original September release date to a time in November.

As previously reported, Ja is gearing up to release his first album in three years, and has teamed up with Lil' Wayne on the album's first single, "Uh Ohhh."

According to Rolling Stone, the Hollis, Queens MC was also assisted by 50 Cent rival The Game, collaborating with the West Coast rapper on the song "Sunset." Before Game's tift with 50, Ja Rule and 50 had a long standing beef, on and off wax. Yet this isn't the first time Rule has worked with the former G-Unit emcee; Game first reached out to Ja for his "One Blood" remix last year.

"I don't think people were expecting that," Rule told Rolling Stone about linking up with the West Coast rapper. "But we got a hot record on the album."

Rule also took a page out of The Beatles' book, as his latest album is set to feature the track "Father Forgive Me," an update of the legendary rock group's song "Eleanor Rigby."

"Hopefully, I make The Beatles proud," says Rule. "Big shout out to Paul McCartney and the whole gang, Ringo and everybody!"

Wanting to differentiate himself from an atmosphere that he feels is centered around conflict, Rule says that he refuses to be a part of any negativity and simply wants to make good music.

"The whole industry is so focused on beefin' with each other – it's like the WWF of rap right now," Ja said. "I'm stepping out of the arena. I don't want to be a wrestlin' rapper. Somebody's got to come in and make it positive. You have to make records that make people feel like having a good time."

Even though Ja says that much of the album is geared towards him expressing himself through feel-good music, there is also a serious side to the disc, with the album's cover being an actual mirror representing the introspective nature of the album.

"This record is like my confessions, I'm shedding my skins," he says. "The mirror is your only real moment of truth. It's the place where everybody can go and be honest with themselves."

The Mirror is scheduled to hit shelves in November on Mpire/Murder Inc./Universal Motown Records.

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