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Rass Kass on fight with The Game

Posted By on September 15, 2006

After reports spread that The Game knocked Ras Kass out at a Los Angeles, CA night club earlier this week, (September 13th) Ras told SOHH.com his side of the story.

“Let’s clear this up. Game did not kick my ass. He tried to jump me with his homeboys and didn’t do much. I still got my watch, my chain, my earrings,” Ras told SOHH. “When we jump niggas, we take everything…cause that’s embarrassing.You’re embarrassing niggas. So you know, Game tried and really didn’t do that well.”

Upon being asked if his “King Of The West” song caused the altercation, Ras answered, “he’s a faggot. He don’t exist. He’s a fucking stripper.” The Cali lyricist also claims that Chuck Taylor was 30 deep against Ra and one of his comrades.

“How tall is the Game, maybe 6 feet? I’m 5’7.” Box me out, nigga. You should have knocked me out for dolo, but 30 against two ain’t tough, nigga,” Ra taunted. “I’m not a fake ass blood. I’m not a reinvented-ass rapper. I’m a nigga that went to prison and still wear sweaters, did two years and act like it’s nothing. He can’t out rap me, but I told him two years ago out of prison. You better catch me when you deep and I’m not if you got a problem with me. So he took my advice and I’m not mad at him.”

“They did not bust a bottle in my face. They hit me with the bottle and I have a lump. That ain’t tough. Tough niggas knock niggas out,” Ras continued. “If Game is tough, tell him he can catch me any day and box me out. Tell The Game, and we not gon do no rapping about it. Aside form that, he just started some shit. This is not the end of it.”

The Game did not return calls seeking comments.

Source: SOHH.com

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