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The Game Speaks On 50, Best & Worst MCs, Movies & Calls Will Smith “Iconic”

Posted By on April 24, 2008

    The Game has been in the headlines lately, mainly with the issue of the release date for his new album L.A.X. 50 Cent's G-Unit group album, Terminate On Sight, was slated to come out on the same day (June 24th) and 50 told MTV that he was going to push Game's album back. Game replied by saying there were no plans to push his album back and if he did, it would be G-Unit's lucky day. In the end, Interscope Records (both rappers label) settled the arguement but pushing both albums back to July.

    The Game called up San Diego radio station 93.3 to talk about a lot of things including this plus the recently plubished "25 Worst Rappers in History" by Yahoo, his favorite MC's of all time, his worst MC's of all time, the movies he is in, the inspirations for his new "Pain" track plus how Will Smith is "iconic" in hip hop.

    Make sure you check out the interview, Listen to it now, CLICK HERE!

The Game – Radio Interview


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