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Jadakiss And Styles P Discuss The Lox Being Free Agents

Posted By on February 1, 2014

While at The Breakfast Club,  rappers Jadakiss and Styles P of The Lox chopped it up about putting music out independently, dealing with politics of the label, and negotiating the right deal.

The two MC’s said when it labels and deals, you have to be businessman about it.

“We business men, we gentlemen at the end of the day,” Styles P said. “Nah, seriously. At the end of the day we businessmen. You come into this game as an artist, as a person who wants to rap, and then through years and developments and ups and downs, and mistakes, you learn your business. We don’t just handle ourselves as artists, we handle ourselves as businessmen, label-owners, CEOs, marketing, we’re each other’s A&Rs. We know how to do the whole shebang.”

“I’m the opposite man,” he said referencing Jadakiss’ interest in signing a deal and receiving a check. “I think with the Lox, a perfect situation would be a indie-major kind of movement.”


The two went on to say they’re not looking for  groundbreaking deal. Just a situation where they can put out a quality project.

“That’s what I’m saying,” Styles added. “We’re gonna do both. I’m with a major, one or two off…This what people say, you gotta learn early as an artist depending on what power and status you have and what angle you’re using, a contract is made to be broken and made to be rearranged and redone.”


Full video below: