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Fight Breaks Out At N.E.R.D. Video Shoot

Posted By on April 3, 2008

    N.E.R.D. is currently shooting a music video inside the Madison nightclub for their track "Everyone Nose" from their upcoming album Seeing Sounds. Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan have both stopped by the set and everything's been going well. That is until Wednesday night when according to eyewitness accounts, a violent fight broke out. The brawl nearly shut down production an dat least one person was sent to the hospital. Apparently shortly after 9:30 pm, two men (both extras for the video) got into it, but none of the band's members were in the club at the time of the fight. "They fell against the bar, and there were all these beer bottles up there which were being used as props, and the bottles fell over and broke. The guy who was jumped, his arm got cut, and he started bleeding all over the place. The other dude ran away. It wasn't such a big deal. The police did show up, and the dude that was attacked went to hospital and sat there for two hours before he was seen," a club employee said.

    Filming later resumed on the video which features a giant, dancing nose (the song's subject is cocaine use) designed by noted artist Kaws, and unclothed strippers. No arrests have been made and police are not actively investigating.