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Three 6 Mafia Show Ends With A Fight

Posted By on September 4, 2008

    The Oscar-winning rappers, Three 6 Mafia, performed in their new home, Hollywood, last night and had a bit of a problem.  A fight broke out between fans and the security gaurds during the show at the House Of Blues. The fight broke out at the end of the performance which sent 100's of fans searching for saftey, during which a woman was trampled and sent to the hospital. Two men ended up being arrested, one for public drunkenness, the other on an outstanding warrant.

    This isn't the first time fans got hurt at a Three 6 Mafia show. In 2003 a man sued the rap group after he was beaten at a show, claiming their lyrics incited the crowd to beat him. The man suffered a fractured jaw, after another fan hit him with a chair and kicked him in the face during the group’s song “Let’s Start a Riot.”