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Three 6 Mafia Lets Fans Walk In Their Shoes

Posted By on January 16, 2007

Memphis, Tennessee duo Three 6 Mafia are letting their fans walk in their shoes and see what its like to be them — from the new found stardom they've received via their Academy Awards victory in 2006 to their antics as partying celebs in Hollywood. How you ask? Via their upcoming new video.

Juicy J and DJ Paul were in East Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 10) shooting a video for the new single, "Doe Boy Fresh," where regular people were transformed into Three 6 members and see what it's like to be the Oscar winners.

"The concept is real cool," DJ Paul told BallerStatus.com. "A fan walks through a corridor and is transformed into one of us, and even Chamillionaire — who's in the video too. Once they walk through, they become us and see what it's really like to live as we do."

In the clip, which was shot in various locations in Los Angeles, the rappers' had stand-ins who perform their verses before cutting back to the Three 6 members themselves, giving viewers the feel that the fan is walking in their shoes.
The rappers brought the South to L.A. in the clip, featuring old school Cadillac's on 26 inch rims like they ride down South, as well as Lambos, Escalades and other SUVs, as they filmed on a spectator-filled street.

Much like their stomping grounds in Memphis, Three 6 Mafia felt like they needed to add a street feel to the new clip, which is why they shot in East Los Angeles, instead of the trendy Hollywood area. And they seemed to love the atmosphere.

"Paparazzi, hey paparazzi… they out here today," goofed a playful Juicy J, as he filmed one of his shots on the street. "

"We love L.A.," exclaimed DJ Paul. "We might kick it in Hollywood where we do work on filming or whatever, but L.A. is where we come when we need to get at our people. We know a lot of real n—-s out here and they in L.A., not Hollywood. This is where we f— with them."

The video will include Chamillionaire, who is featured on the track, as well as a cameo by rocker Travis Barker, who came through to support the Memphis duo.

"I'm just out here checking out the video and to support Three 6 Mafia," Barker said, who took numerous photos with fans and handed out t-shirts from his Famous Stars & Straps line.

"Doe Boy Fresh" is the first single from Three 6 Mafia's forthcoming album, Last 2 Walk, which the group says is expected to drop in April.

The album will feature guest appearances from Lyfe Jennings, Paul Wall and Lil Keke, as well as Chamillionaire.

Additionally, the duo is gearing up for the premiere of their MTV reality series, "Adventures In Hollyhood," scheduled for March 14. "It's just us. It's funny, it entertaining. We just out here f—ing around in HollyHood," explained DJ Paul.

— Jay Casteel