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Three 6 Mafia Plan Biopic Of Their Lives

Posted By on January 9, 2007

With the mainstream acceptance they've received since their Academy Awards win, Three 6 Mafia is quickly parlaying their new status into money outside the music realm.

The duo revealed recently that they are planning a biopic of their life, similar to that of a movie like "Ray," where they would tell their life story. "It's like the Temptations story. We're gonna do the whole story of how this group became," Juicy J told BallerStatus.com. "This is like a true story. Some people make films 'inspired by,' but this is gonna be true Three 6 Mafia Hollywood story [laughs]. It's gonna show us from when we started the group, to the ups and downs to getting with record labels and everything that we went through, then getting to this point."

According to the pair, they are currently in the process of putting the film together, and plan to enlist a host of A-list actors to play their characters in the film.

"It's gonna be the real deal," Juicy J continued. "We wanna get real actors to play out parts. We want it to be a real interesting movie, and not have people look at it like another 'rap movie'. We're gonna go back to what really went on with Three 6 Mafia up until now and winning the Oscar man."

Although Three 6 did not specify if they have secured a deal with any specific studio, they did say that there were different options available to them, but specifically said it would be a big budget feature.

They are also shooting two indie films, "Streets Of Memphis" and "Choices III," as well as gearing up for the debut of their MTV reality TV series, "Adventures In Hollywood," which is scheduled to premiere March 14.

Additionally, on the music end, Juicy J and DJ Paul are prepping their next album, Last 2 Walk, which will include collaborations with Chamillionaire, Lyfe Jennings, Paul Wall and Lil Keke, among others.

They will be in Los Angeles this week shooting a video for the single "Doe Boy Fresh," featuring Chamillionaire, which they say will give fans the feeling of walking in their shoes.

"The concept is for any person, old or young, can walk into a picture booth and become one of the members of Three 6 Mafia," DJ Paul explained, "and when they see themselves in the mirror, they will reflect as us, but other people will see them as who they really is on the inside. It will give them the chance to live the life of Three 6 Mafia."

Last 2 Walk is expected for release sometime in April.

— Miles Bennett w/ reporting by Jay Casteel