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Three 6 Mafia Shoot For Playboy, Prepare For Reality Show Debut

Posted By on April 6, 2007

Southern rap collective Three 6 Mafia recently took a break from the mic to get behind the camera as the newest celebrity photographers for Playboy.com.

Oscar-winning group members DJ Paul and Juicy J made the most of their time with the model, Playboy cyber girl Jennifer Korbin, as they invaded Playboy's Santa Monica studio for the after-hours photo session.

Juicy J handed out compliments and praise for Korbin, while also taking pictures of the grips and makeup artists in the background and giving the entire photo crew a nickname.

"The Playboy shoot was the s**t," DJ Paul told AllHipHop.com. "We got to pick the clothes and even the positions."

DJ Paul captured Korbin one shot at a time, before reposing her and repositioning the cameras and lights for his next shot, sources said.

The Three 6 Mafia pictorials as well as behind-the-scenes photographs and a video from the sessions can be seen in the Playboy Cyber Club, Playboy.com's subscription site.

The group joins a long list of guest celebrity photographers which include fellow rappers Nelly, Outkast, DMX and Ja Rule, in addition to NASCAR start Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy, rocker Tommy Lee and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.

In addition to the Playboy photos, fans can catch Three 6 Mafia in front of the cameras on their new show Adventures in Hollyhood.

The series, which follows the group and their entourage as they set out to Hollywood in an effort to make the most of their fame, premieres tonight (April 5) on MTV.

"People are itching to see this show," DJ Paul said. "You have to watch the whole season. It's funny and you might even learn something!"