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T.I. Currently Shopping New $75 Million Record Deal

Posted By on January 21, 2013

TIP has currently satisfied his 10 album record deal with Atlantic Records and he is no longer tied down by a contract. That makes him the equivalent to a free agent in sports. He can now compare offers and deal structures with different labels and find the best deal for him.

According to reports from TMZ, T.I. is currently in talks with certain labels to secure a deal that will sweeten the pot for him and allow him the business and creative freedom to expand his empire. He is current offering 2-3 albums, 10-20 % of publishing, films, touring, merchandise, and TV Rights. He is asking for exclusive rights on Corporate Endorsements and the rights to all the artists he signs to Grand Hustle Records.

He has been offered a $50 million dollar deal by Sony, which will set the low bar, so anyone that follows has to at least be able to beat that. He has spoken with Dr. Dre who would love to sign him to Interscope, but with the current shuffling that is going on over there that may not be the most stable situation for T.I. He has also spoken with Jay-Z who would like to sign him to Roc Nation. All of this means that T.I has positioned himself in a pretty good place to negotiate and leverage a pretty decent deal for himself. He reportedly has a meeting with Unversal within the next couple of days as well.