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T.I. talks recorded songs for Justin Timberlake’s New Album

Posted By on January 27, 2013

Many fans have anticipated Justin Timberlake coming out with a new album. Justin Timberlake is coming out with a new album called “The 20/20 experience”. T.I. has revealed that he and Timberlake collaborated for the project. Previously, T.I. and Timberlake have collaborated on singles such as “My Love” and “Dead and Gone”.

In an interview with MTV News, T.I. stated that he worked on a handful of songs with Justin and Tim. ” I did a record for them at the end of last year. They were working on a record together, and I had the pleasure of assisting them on their particular record.” He revealed the tentative title of one of the songs. “I think it’s called ‘Goodbye Homey’.” He revealed the meaning behind the song, “Well, ‘Goodbye Homey’ is really, it’s saying goodbye to something that is very special to you. Not necessarily a person; it could be a time of your life, it could be an experience, it could be a relationship, it could be a friend that’s passed on. ‘Goodbye Homey’, it has so many meanings and definitions. So when you hear it, you absorb it, and then whatever it means to you is what we intended.”

T.I. is just as excited as the fans about JT getting back into music.