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T.I. Addresses Splitting Up With Tiny Rumor

Posted By on January 28, 2014

News has been circulating that rapper T.I. and wife Tiny have split up. After Tip didn’t make an appearance at this year’s Grammy Awards , it had people wondering why he chose to skip out on the show. Rumors started circulating that the two were getting a divorce after T.I. was spotted partying after the awards show while his wife Tiny was partying at a completely different event.

As T.I. told TMZ, the rumors are completely false, and was a huge miscommunication.

“T.I. tells us yeah, there was a big argument, but it was over something pretty stupid.  Tiny wanted to walk the Grammy red carpet and watch the show but T.I. wanted none of it.  He says they angrily challenged each other on who would end up having more fun that night.” (TMZ)


Earlier this week we reported that T.I. has been cranking out bangers with super producer Pharrell for his upcoming album. T.I. stated that the records were beyond game changing.

“Me and Pharrell have a plethora [of songs],”  T.I. says during an interview with XXL. “We probably done recorded 14 records. Pharrell and I alone. Words couldn’t even begin to describe how cutting-edge, left-field and just how broad these records are”


  • Cory

    they’re really good for each other and cute together, in my opinion. I hate hearing about break ups. I can’t imagine what it would be like. Glad to hear they’re not!