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Producers Talk T.I.’s “Im Back” Single

Posted By on March 5, 2010

     As we previously reported, T.I. plans to drop his new "Im Back" single on Monday (March 8th), his first song since being released to a halfway house in December 2009 after serving eight months in prison for felony firearm possession. The production duo for the track, Trackslayerz, recently talked about the new song. "This record right here kinda reminds me of the Urban Legend T.I.," said Trackslayerz’s Price. "But it’s from the point of when he got locked up. It’s no fall off [with] the lyricism. It’s like he’s completely focused. T.I. went extremely hard. He went in."

     His production partner, Inf, added, "The track is hard. It brings you back to the old T.I. It’s like a 'U Don’t Know Me' type track. It’s pretty hard. He’s coming back with the aggressive, mean kind of swag. It’s definitely a [street single]." So what will TIP talk about on the song? "It’s a combination of things. He’s kinda addressing that he’s been on a little hiatus with the jail sentence and don’t worry about that [because] he hasn’t fallen off,” explained Inf. “[Some] people feel a certain way about his situation and his sentencing and that he may have gotten off easy, but really it’s just the man saying don’t even worry about that, he’s the King of the South."


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