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T.I. Says “Im Back” New Single (Audio Here)

Posted By on March 8, 2010

     Well the "King of the South" is back and to make sure you know, he just released his "Im Back" single today (March 8th). The new single reminds fans and critics that TIP is truely back and ready to take his place in the spotlight once again. "N*gga probably seen Wayne, Gucci Mane, me and Boosie all go to prison, now he flippin'," Tip raps, "Nowadays I don't know what's up with n*ggas in the 'A,'/Guess they think he's in the game but he really in the way/Violatin — I'm disappointed in you dog, you ain't hold it down at all/But I ain't going in ya jaw just to show you how to ball/Standing tall through the storm, on the yard or in the dorms/cats in prison who's expecting me to rep for 'em…" TIP raps.

T.I. – Im Back (New Single)