T.I. & Shawty Lo End Beef, Perform Together

T.I. & Shawty Lo End Beef, Perform Together

    T.I. and Shawty Lo ended their beef recently when TIP invited the fellow Atlanta rapper on stage so the two could perform together [watch here]. T.I. was performing one of his final shows before he goes to prison to serve his 1 year sentence when he brought Shawty Lo on stage during "Big Shit Popin" to publically end their beef [watch here]. "Eh my n*gga," T.I. told Shawty. "Bankhead in this motherf*cker!" [watch here]

    In related news, T.I.'s show on MTV continued recently with Episode 4 [watch here]. In the new "Road To Redemption" a young father "Edwin" get's a wake-up call from T.I. as TIP makes him realize that if he goes to jail, someone else will have to raise his son. [watch here].

T.I. & Shawty Lo – Perform Together


T.I. – Road To Redemption – Episode 4

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