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Alphamega Disses T.I. In New Song (Audio)

Posted By on March 9, 2010

     Former member of T.I.'s Grand Hustle, rapper Alfamega has released a new diss song called "Green Light" going after TIP. On the new diss song, Alphamega makes multiple references to T.I. and even talks about the past he spent with the Grand Hustle leader. He raps, "A lil something to let the "Queen" know the muscle ain't shook/ If you try to respond, you gone get your crown took." He continues, "Ni%%A you ain't hard, your persona is so fraud/ And the day you crossed me proved you ain't that smart…Ain't but 3 real ni%%as still left in Pimp Squad…that's Mac, Dro and Doug because ni##a you a broad…Tip you know what it is and you know what I do, I'm the muscle lil ni%%a, the one who protected you… Shawty Lo almost took yo a** out the game."

Alphamega – Green Light (T.I. Diss)