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T.I. Talks Tiger Wood On New Usher Song

Posted By on March 12, 2010

     Yesterday a new collaboration between T.I. and Usher hit the net, in which TIP name checks Tiger Woods. The new song "Guilty," from Usher's upcoming "Raymond vs Raymond" album, features T.I. rapper "Right hand to the sky/ Strike me down if I a lie, If she sayin' she's the victim in this case then what am I/ She got proof, well I got alibis too/ I never been on bullsh– … she ain't caught me on no Tiger Woods sh–/ Do what I expected when she met me/ Ballin' against the law/ Shawty arrest me then." Usher then pleads guilty. "I guess I'm guilty of always being in the club," he sings. "I guess I'm guilty 'cause girls always wanna show me love/ I guess I'm guilty for living and having all of the fun/ Girl, I'm guilty for that/ Girl, I'm guilty."

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T.I. – Talks Tiger Woods In New Song With Usher

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