T.I. Off House Arrest On 3 Years of Probation

T.I. Off House Arrest On 3 Years of Probation

     According to TMZ.com, T.I. will finish up his house arrest duties today when the rapper told TMZ.com that T.I. will finish up the house arrest after being locked up on weapons charges las year. After TIP finishes up his house arrest duties, T.I.'s lawyer Steve Sadow told TMZ.com that TIP will have a curfew of 11pm unless he is performing, in which it will be extended to 1AM.

     That isn't it for T.I. though… The rapper will still owe 400 of community services along with being on probation for another three years. Depending on what you think of marriage, TIPS girlfriend is currently trying to plan her marriage to T.I. (view video below) TIP could be in for a lot longer of servitude.


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