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Alphamega Says Hes No Shawty Lo Or Ludacris

Posted By on March 30, 2010

     Alphamega, the former artist on T.I.'s Grand Hussle, recently dropped "Green Light," a new diss track towards TIP himself. According to Alphamega, T.I. has yet to personally reach out to him and rectify the situation. "Instead of him saying, 'Hey, you know I f*cked up, homie,' he would rather tell people that he don't wanna talk right now," Alfa said in an interview. "He tell people to tell me that. If you know you wrong, you know, be a man and admit you wrong…You got the people believing one thing when me and you both know, and the people around us know, that it's another thing…If he do respond he already know I'm ready! But me knowing shorty, shorty ain't gon' respond 'cause shorty know who I am. He know who I am and he know what I do. So I'm not – No disrespect to these dudes, it's no disrespect period to these dudes, but I'm not Shawty Lo, I'm not Ludacris, and I'm d*mn-sure not Lil Flip."

Alphamega – Green Light (T.I. Diss)