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T.I. Track With Diddy & Dirty Money Leaks (Audio)

Posted By on March 30, 2010

    Another new T.I. song has hit the net, this time it's a new collaboration with Dirty Money and Diddy. Set to be on Diddy's "Last Train To Paris," features one of TIP's first post-prison raps. "Hello, good morning, how ya doing, what the mood is," T.I. raps on the track. "Welcome to the future, I'm the captain of the cool kids/The revolution's never been televised, great booty, better thighs, I ain't want to tell her bye/First I tell her hi, then I give her one and let her fly/Never tell a lie, tonight you couldn't find a better guy/King sh*t, flyer than anyone you could be seen with…"

Dirt Money ft T.I. – Hello Good Morning



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