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Alphamega Says T.I. Didn’t Even Drop Him

Posted By on April 2, 2010

     Former Grand Hussle rapper Alfamega says that not only did T.I. not drop him himself, but industry politics led him to being kicked off Grand Hussle. Alfamega says that if T.I. doesn't apologize, he will take matters into his own hands. "Nah, it wasn't [T.I.]. Man, listen man, it wasn't Tip like I was told, man," Alfa argued claiming Tip was not the one who wanted him gone. "And I got like – I got tapes, homie. I was told that it was somebody bigger than Tip that told Tip to do it [and kick me out of Grand Hustle]. And instead of making a real n*gga move, he made a industry move. It made a lot of n*ggas around him fall-out with him too when he did what he did. I talk to a couple of dudes over there. This situation [can] always be resolved. I'm a grown man. He's supposed to be a grown man too. [So] the situation [can] always be resolved. The United States work out their differences with different countries. [But] they gotta do it before it goes to war. So it can be resolved. I don't want nothing but a apology. Give me a apology [and] I'm through, I'm gone. I'll let it be, if you give me a apology. If I don't get no apology [though], that means I'm coming at ya."

Alphamega – Says T.I. Didn't Even Drop Him Himself


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