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T.I. Hopes He’s Helped, Has Tons Of New Music

Posted By on April 6, 2009

    Although T.I. helped many youths with his "Road To Redemption" show, there were some that he wasn't able to help, like episode 5's Mario. "Mario, man. … Mario reminded me a lot of me and my homeboys when I was his age … in a lot of grown-man situations," T.I. says. [watch here] "And I just thought that — or hoped that — I could have a positive impact on him before he got himself into a situation that he couldn't get himself out of." [watch here] TIP went on to say "I heard he was arrested for attempted murder" [watch here]

    In related news, T.I.'s latest effort, Paper Trail has arguably been his best album to date. [watch here] Although TIP was sentenced to over a year in prison for a weapons charge, fans and critics say that he is back on top of his game and T.I. says he already has tons of material ready. [watch here]

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