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MC Ren and T.I’s Entourage Mentioned in Stupid Lawsuit of Universal Music Employee

Posted By on April 12, 2013

According to a report from Billboard.com, a security guard at the Universal Publishing Group’s Office in Santa Monica has filed a lawsuit based on excessive marijuana use at her place of employment by numerous artist associated with Universal Music Group. MC Ren and the entourage of T.I. are just some of the parties named in the lawsuit.

According to the report, the security guards claims the use of drugs, predominantly marijuana was so bad that it forced her to take action. She says that artists and their entourages would come in with drugs in tow and they would even offer her some, which she refused. She is suing Universal Music Group-owned UMPG, Universal Protection Services, and others.

Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine is also mentioned in her allegations. In addition to the drug issues by various artist and high profile entertainers and celebrities, the security guard claims that she had major issues with T.I.’s security team. She said that when she asked T.I.’s bodyguard to move the vehicle from in front of the building, he basically ignore her request with the dismissive response, “I gotta be able to get this boy outta here if a shootout or something goes down.”

At this point the amount that the women is seeking in this lawsuit has not been revealed.

As far as the Universal Music Publishing Group’s response, it was succinct.

“While we cannot comment on the allegations between the plaintiff and her employer, we can say that the allegations as they relate to Universal Music Group are absurd,”