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Alfamega Arrested After Running From Police

Posted By on May 13, 2009

    Former Grand Hustle rapper "Alfamega," also known as Cedric Zellers to the government, was arrested on felony gun and obstruction charges after an altercation with Georgia police last month. Alfamega was arrested Wednesday (April 29th) and during a search of his vehicle, police found a stolen .40 caliber pistol after which he became "Combative and non-compliant," seeking to flee. The police pepper sprayed him in the face but it "had no immediate effect" so the cops chased him to a parking lot where he was hit by a police baton, again to no effect. Alfamega ran around cars and even jumped a wall trying to get away, but was eventually caught.

    As we previously reported, T.I. kicked Alfamega out of his Grand Hustle label after it was outed in the media he was a DEA informant. "Even though all our artists and employees are asked by us to be honest
and open about their past history, at no time did Alfa disclose to me or Grand Hustle what has now appeared in the media," Tip said in the statement. [listen here]