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T.I. Talks Being Under Powered With Weapons

Posted By on May 14, 2010

     During his recent appearance on the "Larry King Live" show Thursday night (May 13th), T.I. talked about the arrest that lead to him being injail and what now ins in the future as far as his career. Sitting down facing the camera, TIP discussed being arrested nearly three years ago in which his friend died when TIP's crew was shot up while driving their SUV.

     "The guns that were used that night are some of the same guns I was attempting to purchase," he told King. "At the time, I never took into consideration the legalities, I only took into consideration the safety of my life and my family's life." The Grammy-award winning rapper said drugs and guns are a part of his past life. "This is the most severe encounter with the law I have ever experienced," he said.


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