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T.I. Prison Term Details Released

Posted By on May 20, 2009

    As we previously reported, there were rumors going around that T.I.'s year and a day prison sentence could be reduced to only 2 months, now the details of exactly what is going on have been released. Charysee Alexander the rapper's spokesperson, says that TIP was given credit for the 305 days of home confinement he served while waiting for his trial for his case, but that has nothing to do with his prison sentence.

    Once TIP completes his prison term, whatever it ends up being, he will still have to serve out the remainder of his home-arrest, which will be about two months. With federal sentencing guidelines, anyone who serves more than one year in prison is eligible for 15 "good time" credit, which in T.I.'s case could knock off almost 55 days from his sentence.


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