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T.I. Says Fuck A Mixtape (Track List)

Posted By on May 28, 2010

     T.I. is getting ready to drop his new "Fuck A Mixtape" project, a new mixtape with DJ Drama featuring guests Lil Wayne, Mike Bigga, Young Jeezy, MacBoney and Tip's cousin Rich Kid
Rashad. Jamie Foxx appears on the tape's intro, and Lil Duval and Kevin
Hart do skits and interludes. Meanwhile, Swizz Beatz, Lil C, Smash
Factory and DJ Toomp are among the producers. F— a Mixtape drops
Thursday night (May 27) via LiveMixtapes.com.

      "There's so many songs I have recorded [for King Uncaged]," he told Mixtape Daily earlier this week in NYC. "I already have 60, 70 songs. A lot of these songs are period pieces that speak volumes to what's going on right now. If I hold onto them next year or the year after, they'll be dated, because my life will be in another direction. If I'm not gonna put it on the album — and they all can't make the album — then they might as well have another platform to present it to the world. Me, myself, personally, I feel that although I haven't done mixtapes, it's not 'cause I can't. It's 'cause I have so many other pressing issues that are on my plate, I have chose to work on that. "

T.I. – Talks About His "Fuck A Mixtape" Movement



F— a Mixtape's track list, according to DJ Drama:

1. "Intro" (Jamie Foxx)
2. "Welcome Back to the Trap" (produced by Smash Factory)
3. "Spazz Out" (produced by Swizz Beatz)
4. "Whatcha Saying Tip" (produced by Chuck Diesel)
5. "Yeah" (featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Lil C)
6. "Yeah Ya Know" (produced by DJ Toomp and Lil C)
7. "Once Upon a Time"
8. "Here We Go Again" (produced by Timbaland)
9. "Get Yo Girl (featuring Rich Kid Rashad and produced by Jim Jonsin)
10. "Like So" (produced by Lil C)
11. "Gettin' Paid" (produced by Track Slayers)
12. "F— a Mixtape N—a!!!" (Lil Duval)
13. "Really Livin' Like That" (produced by DJ Toomp)
14. "Whether You Like It or Not" (produced by Amadeus)
15. "Shooting Range" (Jamie Foxx)
16. "No Competition" (featuring Young Jeezy and produced by Black Mob)
17. "Bi— Who" (featuring MacBoney and produced by Lil C)
18. "Ready Set Go" (featuring Mike Bigga and produced by No I.D.)
19. "F— a Mixtape" (Kevin Hart)
20. "Outro"
21. "Celebration" (produced by J-Rock)
Bonus track: "Got Your Back" (featuring Keri Hilson and produced by DJ