T.I. & Lady Gaga Got All Genres Covered

T.I. & Lady Gaga Got All Genres Covered

     As Lady Gaga continues to cross all different genres with collaborations that include rappers Wale and KiD CuDi (not to mention singer Beyonce), she is now setting her sights on a new collaboraton partner, the King Of The South. It seems like an unlikely pair, T.I. might turn out to be a good contributor.

     "She's a phenomenal talent, and I think that talent transcends through all genres, all races, all religions, all countries," T.I. told MTV News. Saying that fans of every genre unite when they hit the dance floor, TIP says "I believe that that's one thing that everybody can agree on. If you like a song and I like a song, then we going to both dance and all that here together," Tip said. "I think that that's what she's the best example of." '

TI – Says Lady Gaga Transcends All Genres


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