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DJ Drama Gives Update On T.I.

Posted By on June 30, 2009

    After news broke last week that T.I. was sick in prison, DJ Drama recently visited a radio station to talk about how TIP is doing. Although he says he hasn't physically seen him, Drama said that T.I. is in good spirits. [watch here] "Nah, I haven't talked to Tip directly," Drama explained in an interview. [watch here] "But I was up at the office the other day and he's good. There were some rumors going on about some sickness or something that happened at the prison but all that's false, I know he's good. He's getting all the letters people are writing him and everything." [watch here]

     Drama went on to talk about T.I.'s wife Tiny and even Michael Jackson. "Tiny has been up there multiple times even though he says he don't want nobody to come up and see him. I'm curious though, I definitely wanna know his reaction to the Michael Jackson situation, him passing and even in general you know. You think about all of the people locked up feeling the same way. Tip is good. He'll be home sooner than later. You know what I mean, get right back to work." [watch here]

DJ Drama Talks About Michael Jackson & T.I.