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Alphamega Says He Isn’t A Snitch

Posted By on July 20, 2009

     Former Grand Hustle member Alfamega recently replied to T.I.'s statements saying that Alphamega's criminal background and denying that he never worked with the Drug Enforcement Agency, specifically the public calling him a "snitch." [watch here

     "Am I snitching in the hood," he asked laughing. [watch here] "It's like people say I can't go back in the hood, when I heard that I was in the hood. They still say I can't go back to the hood but I was in the hood when I heard I couldn't go back…Me and the dude [they say I snitched on] Ali, didn't have any business together, ever. Me and Ali never been in the streets together, hustling, things like that. I apologized to dude because his name got caught up in a whole lot of things…How do you intentionally conceal your criminal past? Intentionally? Everybody in the streets knows me. Tip knew what I had been locked up for, I had been locked up for a gun. I went to jail for a gun. He talked to dudes who did time with me. His uncle and everybody did time with me. He was in prison with me…I don't work for no motherf*cking DEA. I have never worked for the DEA. I had gun charges." [watch here]

Alphamega To T.I. – He Knew What I Had Been Locked Up For"