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T.I. Talks Young Jeezy & DJ Drama Beef

Posted By on July 20, 2010

     Rapper T.I. recently spoke about the way he felt when Young Jeezy and DJ Drama put their problems aside and called a truce. Although he was locked up during a lot of it, TIP says he was well-aware of the beef bein squashed.

    "I thought that was real big of both lof them. I started the idea of them sitting down and speaking. We all sat down, but it seemed to unravel shortly thereafter. It was either Jeezy's homeboys or Drama's homeboys, or something Jeezy said, or something Drama said–maybe it was something said before the sitdown that came out after. I think it was just a matter of time. It's only so many tickets you can sell to the feud. It's only so long motherf*ckers even care about beef unless it escalates and escalates. Now, it's in both parties' interest to unite for the same reasons, like Jay and Nas. People look for dramatic events, and another dramatic event is when you get together."


Young Jeezy And DJ Drama Call A Truce

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